Day 1 3rd ITS

After catching up on some sleep I’ve had a fantastic first day in Baltimore.It has consisted of supporting the CME team in setting up for the launch and start of the 3rd ITS tomorrow, catching up with many of the people I meet on my Fellowship last year and the day ended with a 2 hour mini conference from PassyMuir regarding the use of PMV with mechanically ventilated patients.

Firstly it was great to see everyone again after last year and hear how everyones plans and lives have progressed.  

The event area and auditorium for tomorrow is very impressive and sure to be a fantastic venue for all attending. And I hope it comes across as well to those who are streaming live online.  

PassyMuir Talk:

To start we heard from and about the team at JHM, in regards to their collaborative approach and advancing their scope in the use of in line speaking valves.  

This then moved onto a thorough literature review of RTC’s and recent articles showing the effects of early PMV use and use within mechanical ventilation.

This then evolved into a practical demonstration of PMV with a mechanically ventilated patient, and a step by step explanation of the technique. This is available online at the PassyMuir website as a tutorial and self directed study. However viewing this directly today with a group for discussion was very beneficial for myself.

They have provided us with lots of literature, which I will be bringing back to the UK and imparting to my colleagues.

(Gail Sudderth from PassyMuir giving the practical demonstration) 

The papers discussed in the literature review where:

Freeman and Sanderson

Sutt and Fraser

L Blumenfed et al

Fernandez carmona et al

Alonso Rodriques et al  

Now for some more sleep before an early 05:50 start tomorrow

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