Update and Back Log ……

I’ve now made the journey to sunny Sydney! My time in Melbourne was very busy and so I have a couple of blogs outstanding from TRAMS and The Alfred that I want to get right before posting. 

Today I started my Sydney visits at the Agency of Clinical Innovation, and i have another very busy week, which if today is anything to go on is going to be very informative and helpfull! 

Ive got my game face on this week and hopefully will catch up and keep you all informed. 

Cant believe I’ve only got 2 1/2 weeks left of the fellowship trip! But this is just the beginning of the work for me. 

Watch this space! 


One thought on “Update and Back Log ……

  1. Hi Gavin, I’ve just been looking through your Blog and amazing journey so far. I’m a SALT in NE England with an interest in tracheostomy care. I’m working with my Trust to improve care so it’s great to read about the different team approaches and set-ups. I’m also doing an MSc looking at swallowing and cuff status so would be very interested to hear about how this is managed elsewhere. I look forward to reading more.


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