Farewell America

How time flys!!! In my case literally, jumping from 5 hours behind the UK to 9 hours ahead, after 23hours of flight time and a sprint though Guangzhou airport!  
But I have made it to the land of Australia, and very excited to be starting the next leg of my tour.


Leaving Fort Lauderdale
Life On Charge
Stop Over In LAX
Surfing the Clouds

So its farewell to the USA (add implied sad face here)

It went so fast and I have learnt so much. 3 hospitals in as many states, over as many weeks. 20 blogs with god knows how many words and pages written.

I would just like to say what a fantastic time I had in the USA. The people could not have been more welcoming or helpful (and I’m not just talking about the hospital visits).

Everyone I met at every hospital did as much as they could to help me and make me feel welcome. The wiliness for them to share their knowledge and experience was amazing, as we all work towards a common goal.

Boston, Baltimore and Fort Lauderdale were all beautiful places to visit with lots to do and see. I was lucky enough to have a weekend at all of these places to experience the culture and lifestyle they offer, as well as try to keep myself from melting in the 32-35degree sun!

Although very excited to be moving on to Australia, I will miss America.

It’s now time for me to learn to cross the road again! (After finally becoming proficient in the U.S.) Layer up, and attempt to get my luggage back from China!!

Six weeks of Australian blogging to follow………….

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